Atelier pratique : drafting Common Law contracts in English

Francis Lefebvre Formation

NB : The seminar will have a practical purpose with participants required to draft each of the discussed contract provisions
The essential elements of Common Law contracts
Drafting negotiation documents.
Description of the parties.
Definitions and recitals.
Objects, duration clause, termination clauses.
Representations & warranties.
Rights of third parties.
Exoneration of responsibility/liquidated damages and notion of penalties.
Release waiver of responsibility/indemnity hold harmless/knock for knock clauses.
Force majeure and hardship.
Non-disclosure clause/agreement.
Dangers when working with sub-contracts.
Legalese and others issues
Legalese – avoid it.
Should we draft with « shall » when creating obligations ?
Good faith, reasonable, best « effort » : what is their value in a contract ?
Conditions subsequent/precedent and creating exceptions to previously established duties.
Boilerplate clauses
Applicable jurisdiction – arbitration, mediation, conciliation, national jurisdictions debate.
Blue pencil clauses and the matter of severability.
Non-assignment clauses.
Legal fees clause.
Time is of the essence clauses.
Non-waiver clauses.
Non-compete clauses.
Anticipating the « battle of the forms ».

Public concerné principalement :

Lawyers/in-house counsel working in law firms or legal departments called upon to negotiate and draft Common Law contracts in English.
Directeurs juridiques, juristes, avocats. Toute personne souhaitant perfectionner sa technique de rédaction des contrats en anglais.