IT Contracts and Personal Data Protection

Francis Lefebvre Formation

• The Major Legal Systems of the World
• Focus on the Common Law and Civil Law Systems
• Presentation of major IT Contracts and IT Main Parts
• Various Contractual Documents Attached to IT Contracts , Focus on standard IT Contracts : from a customer/client perspective or from the perspective of the service provider or software developer Cloud Computing
• Various types of Cloud Computing Contracts
• Mitigation of Risks
• Principal Clauses of a Cloud Computing Contract IT Contracts
• IT Contracts : Software and Hardware
• Software License Agreements in France and in Common Law Countries
• Maintenance and Support Services Agreements : Software and/or Hardware
• Service Level Agreement , Exercise : Maintenance and Support Services and SLAs Liability Issues IT Contracts
• Comparative analysis of the contractual liability in IT Contracts : French/Common Law
• Limitation of Liability
• Audit
• Termination Assistance Services , Focus : key points and various practical examples Cross-Border Personal Data Flows and Their Impact on the Execution of Contracts : the Consequences of the GDPR
• Various principles with regards to Cross-Border Personal Data Flows in International Contracts
• Loi Informatique et Libertés, the CNIL
• The GDPR : its consequences
• Compliance Issues
• Difficulties and obstacles when dealing with Cross-Border Personal Data Flows within International Contracts
• Various principles on Big Data
• Contract management of Cross-Border Data Flow : Personal Data and other types of data
• Security Issues , Exercise : Personal Data Protection Clauses

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