International Contracts : Best Practices and Drafting Methods

Francis Lefebvre Formation

• The Major Legal Systems of the World
• Focus on the Common Law and Civil Law Systems
• Pre-Contractual Agreements : examples of Letters of Intent and Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Main Parts of a Contract Standard Clauses
• Title of the Contract
• Parties
• Statement Of Purpose/Preamble
• Headings
• Number of Copies
• Assignment Clause
• Meaning of Terms and Interpretation Clauses
• Linguistic Discrepancies
• The issue of price
• Obligation to Inform
• Divisibility of the Contract : Partial Avoidance
• Link between contracts
• List of Contractual Documents , Exercise : drafting a Statement of Purpose/Preamble and an Assignment Clause Common Performance Provisions
• Representation and Warranties
• Limitations of Liability
• Indemnification Clauses
• Liquidated Damages Clauses
• Term and Termination Provisions , Exercises : drafting Common Performance Clauses in Various Specific Contracts Other clauses
• Change of Circumstances
• Confidentiality of Information
• Intellectual Property and Know-How
• Professional Common Standard
• Performance by a Third Person
• Non-Competition Clauses
• Choice of Law , Exercise : drafting Confidentiality Clauses, Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Clauses Dispute Resolution
• Alternative Dispute Resolution Clauses
• Step Negotiation provisions
• Mediation Provisions
• Arbitration Provisions
• Recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions and awards in France , Exercise : drafting Resolution Clauses , Conclusion and final exercise : drafting Main Clauses of a Contract in a specific sector of the industry

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