Termination Of Commercial Agreements

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Francis Lefebvre Formation

• Legal fields
• Types of agreements
• Reminder of legal principles The circumstances
• Provisions of the agreement
• Termination by a party
• Outstanding events The terms and conditions
• Legal and contractual provisions
• The time limits , Real case situation , Drafting a termination letter in compliance with the provisions of an agreement The negotiations
• Proposals
• Meetings
• Offers
• Success or failure , Real case situation : internal round table in preparation of the negotiations with the business partner : our strengths, our weaknesses, the leverages The risks
• Breach of contract, liability
• Commercial relationships
• Damages
• Reputation The consequences
• End of the agreement
• Settlement agreement
• Litigation , Real case situation : drafting a provision of a settlement agreement or arguing in writing a point of law raised in the submissions to be filed with the Court

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