Workshop : Drafting Common Law Contracts in English

Francis Lefebvre Formation

NB : The seminar will have a practical purpose with participants required to draft each of the discussed contract provisions The essential elements of Common Law contracts
• Drafting negotiation documents
• Description of the parties
• Definitions and recitals
• Objects, duration clause, termination clauses
• Representations & warranties
• Rights of third parties
• Exoneration of responsibility/liquidated damages and notion of penalties
• Release waiver of responsibility/indemnity hold harmless/knock for knock clauses
• Force majeure and hardship
• Non-disclosure clause/agreement
• Dangers when working with sub-contracts Legalese and others issues
• The role of « legalese »
• Should we draft with « shall » when creating obligations ?
• Good faith, reasonable, best « endeavours » : are they worth drafting ?
• Conditions subsequent/precedent and creating exceptions to previously established duties Boilerplate clauses
• Applicable jurisdiction – arbitration, mediation, conciliation, national jurisdictions debate
• Blue pencil clauses and the matter of severability
• Non-assignment clauses
• Legal fees clause
• Time is of the essence clauses
• Non-waiver clauses
• Non-compete clauses
• Anticipating the « battle of the forms »

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